Look After Your Car The Lazy Way

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man and carIf you are not really much of a car person, and you just want it to get you from A to B with the least amount of hassle, then you’ll be pleased to hear there is a “lazy way” to look after it that doesn’t require much time or energy at all.

Don’t be one of these people that spend all weekend doing this or that to their car. You’ve no doubt got better things to be doing…right? Of course you do, which is why you should pay very close attention to every word in this article.

Keep it clean

Want to know how to keep your car clean without having to wash it or pay for a car wash? Store it under a Frosted Roof carport so that it is protected from the weather and won’t get dirty quickly. Sure, you will have to wash it now and again. Maybe 3 times a year.

Change the oil

One of the main aspects of looking after your car and keeping it running smoothly is to change the oil on a regular basis. Luckily, this isn’t a hard task, and can easily be completed within 10 minutes once you know what you are doing. Do this once or twice a month and you really are looking after your car the lazy way.

Inflate those tires

Not only it is illegal to drive with under inflated tires, but it’s also dangerous, as it means you don’t have as much grip on the road as you should. This means it’s worth taking an hour or two to learn how to check the tires on your car and how to inflate those tires correctly.

Once you know how, you can then spend a few minutes each week checking your tires and taking the necessary action Not hard work at all.

Buy cheap second hand cars

If you are really lazy and don’t want to do any work at all, then try buying very cheap second hand cars that you get rid of as soon as they start showing problems.

Obviously they have to be road worthy, but if you are only going to have one car for a few months then you won’t care about cleaning it or fixing small problems that won’t affect your safety or driving.


As you can see, looking after your car doesn’t have to be difficult or hard work. It can be really lazy if you want it to be.

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5 Tips to Help Keep You Mentally Healthy

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doubtYou don’t have to know about emr vs ehr to keep yourself mentally healthy. In fact, for most people, all they need is a few basic tips to follow on a daily basis in order to enjoy a better quality of life without have to visit a psychiatrist on a weekly basis.

Here are 5 tips to help keep you mentally healthy:

Keep active

In order to keep your mind healthy, many experts agree that keeping active should be high on your list of priorities. The reason? Because studies have shown that daily physical activity releases important “feel good” chemicals in the brain, which help to keep you happy and feeling good.

Be social

If you sit on your own all the time and don’t see many people, then don’t be surprised when mental health problems start to arise.

In a nutshell, humans are social creatures, and this is why going out with friends and pursuing hobbies with other people is important. That doesn’t mean you can’t be on your own some of the time, it’s just that being on your own all of the time is not healthy.

Stay relaxed

Do you feel tense and anxious all of the time? In this type of scenario, you could start experiencing mental health issues pretty quickly, and this is why staying relaxed should be a priority.

The easiest way to achieve this is by spending 30 minutes a day in a quiet place where you can get away from it all to relax. Start by relaxing various parts of your body, and then allow the mind to focus on calmness and relaxing thoughts.

Healthy diet

With all the chemicals and additives they put in junk foods these days, it’s no wonder that mental health is a big problem in the USA.

For this reason, if you are not doing it already then you should be looking to eat a healthy diet around 95% of the time. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few treats, but most of the time it’s a good idea to eat organic and natural foods.

Balanced life

All work and no play makes everyone a dull person. Not only that, but it will also start to affect your mental health, and this why finding a balance in life is so crucial.

Sure, working hard is not a bad thing, but if you don’t take the time to do other things like go on vacation, and spend time with family and friends, then the balance is gone.

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How to Plan the Perfect Camping Trip

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interior of tentSo you want to take the family on their first camping trip? Actually, many experts say this kind of vacation is just what many people need, so they can relax and unwind far away from city life, and get back to nature.

Perhaps that is why so many wilderness program for teens are doing so well right now.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend lots of money to go on a program. All you really need is some camping gear and a will to brave the elements.

Want to discover how to plan the perfect camping trip? Keep reading…

Research the area

Firstly, it’s very important that you research the area you are planning on camping in. The reason? Because you have to be aware of any dangers, such as grizzly bears or adverse weather conditions.

As an example, if the month of October is well known for having a rainy season, and this is the month you are going, then preparing yourself with waterproofs and other equipment would be advisable.

Pack light

When it comes down to it, you don’t really require that much stuff in order to have a fantastic camping trip. These days, a lot of families are packing suitcases full of clothes and laptops, but this kind of stuff really isn’t necessary at all.

Instead, keep it simple, pack light, and don’t worry if you forget a few things. Although you might want to include a pack of cards and a few board games for the kids, as this will help to keep them entertained when there isn’t much to do.

Consider food

Make sure you know how you will be eating during your camping trip. If you are stopping on a campsite then there will be plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby or on site, but once you start to get out into the wilderness then you really are on your own.

If you have hunting experience then this could be a good way to get your food, as there really is nothing quite like cooking fresh meat over a campfire at night. You can also take some food with you, with things like tinned beans and fish being an easy and convenient meal.

Quick pitch tent

After a long day hiking or hunting, there is nothing worse than having to spend a couple of hours trying to pitch a complicated tent.

Save yourself the hassle by purchasing a quick pitch tent that can be completed in minutes, which gives you more time to rest, relax, and have fun with the family around the campfire.

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Get Six Pack Abs in 7 Simple Steps

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bodybuilder absThere are many reasons to get six pack abs. Members of the opposite sex will check you out, especially on the beach, while at the same time you’ll have more energy and feel better about yourself than ever before.

Most people won’t tell you this, but it’s actually very simple to get six pack abs very quickly, once you get past all of the “miracle” supplements and complicated books.

Want to know how? Below are the 7 simple steps anybody can follow…

Burn fat

Know this: if you have a layer of fat over your abs then nobody will ever see them, no matter how rock hard they are. This is why burning fat is crucial. All you need is intense cardio sessions on the treadmill every day for around 30 to 45 minutes.


What is the best way to train those ab muscles? In one word…crunches. Forget about leg raises and expensive ab machines, simply start doing crunches every day. As many as you can at first, and then gradually do a few more every day.


The best kind of food for building rock solid abs and burning fat is protein. Many people are now turning towards all natural beef jerky as a snack, while meats like chicken, turkey, and lamb are great choices for lunch and dinner.


While having a drink at the weekend is okay, as long as you don’t get really drunk, when you’re drinking everyday then it’s hard to get six pack abs at the same time. Be honest with yourself about how many glasses of wine or beers you have at night, and then commit to reducing your consumption.


If you’re training hard and eating right, but not getting much sleep, then this will hinder your efforts. Good sleep is required so you’re muscles have time to repair themselves and your body is able to recover. It’s recommended that you get around 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night.


Another step to follow in your quest for six pack abs is to drink plenty of water, both during and after your workouts. Water helps to keep you hydrated, as well as flushing out toxins from the body. Avoid drinks like soda and juice as they are full of sugar.


Once you have everything in place the only thing left to do is keep on course and stay motivated in working towards your goal of six pack abs. Watch videos on YouTube for motivation, and look at pictures of people who already have the kind of body you want.

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6 Quick Reasons to Have a Swimming Pool

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Years ago, swimming pools were exclusively for the rich and famous. These days, the average family can now afford one of these luxuries, thanks to lower installation and maintenance costs.

Still on the fence about whether or not to have a swimming pool in your yard? Below are 6 reasons you should go through with it and get it done.

Great for the whole family

If you’re concerned that you are no longer spending enough time together as a family, then a swimming pool is the perfect thing to bring everybody together. You can have pool parties, barbecues, and even teach your kids how to swim.

Fun way to exercise

Who wants to be stuck inside on a boring treadmill? Not many people, and that’s why having a swimming pool is a fun way to get your 30 minutes of exercise per day. Simply get in the pool and start doing laps.

Easy way to relax

pool homeWhat could be better than sitting out in a swimming pool at night, watching the stars and having a few drinks. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind after a hard day at work, especially in the summer when the weather is warm throughout the night.

Add value to your home

Swimming pools add a lot of value to your home, especially in places such as California where a pool is a must. A few years down the line you could even contact a pool remodeling Costa Mesa company to do some repairs and add even more value to your home by keeping the pool up-to-date and looking great.

Save money

When you think about it, you’ll be able to save a lot of money in the long run once you have a pool, because you won’t need to be constantly taking the kids out to various places such as leisure centers, the beach, and theme parks. All the fun they could ever want is right there in your back yard, and the maintenance costs are minimal.

Stay cool in heatwaves

You’ve no doubt experienced a heatwave in the past, and as you know they can get extremely hot. Fans and air conditioning do their best at keeping you cool, but sometimes you just need something more, and that’s where a swimming pool comes in. When it becomes too hot all you have to do is jump in the pool for instant coolness and a refreshing feeling that is hard to find elsewhere.

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