Get Six Pack Abs in 7 Simple Steps

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bodybuilder absThere are many reasons to get six pack abs. Members of the opposite sex will check you out, especially on the beach, while at the same time you’ll have more energy and feel better about yourself than ever before.

Most people won’t tell you this, but it’s actually very simple to get six pack abs very quickly, once you get past all of the “miracle” supplements and complicated books.

Want to know how? Below are the 7 simple steps anybody can follow…

Burn fat

Know this: if you have a layer of fat over your abs then nobody will ever see them, no matter how rock hard they are. This is why burning fat is crucial. All you need is intense cardio sessions on the treadmill every day for around 30 to 45 minutes.


What is the best way to train those ab muscles? In one word…crunches. Forget about leg raises and expensive ab machines, simply start doing crunches every day. As many as you can at first, and then gradually do a few more every day.


The best kind of food for building rock solid abs and burning fat is protein. Many people are now turning towards all natural beef jerky as a snack, while meats like chicken, turkey, and lamb are great choices for lunch and dinner.


While having a drink at the weekend is okay, as long as you don’t get really drunk, when you’re drinking everyday then it’s hard to get six pack abs at the same time. Be honest with yourself about how many glasses of wine or beers you have at night, and then commit to reducing your consumption.


If you’re training hard and eating right, but not getting much sleep, then this will hinder your efforts. Good sleep is required so you’re muscles have time to repair themselves and your body is able to recover. It’s recommended that you get around 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night.


Another step to follow in your quest for six pack abs is to drink plenty of water, both during and after your workouts. Water helps to keep you hydrated, as well as flushing out toxins from the body. Avoid drinks like soda and juice as they are full of sugar.


Once you have everything in place the only thing left to do is keep on course and stay motivated in working towards your goal of six pack abs. Watch videos on YouTube for motivation, and look at pictures of people who already have the kind of body you want.

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New to Cycling? Read These 4 Tips…

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cyclingIt seems that more people than ever before are turning to cycling, either to get fit, save money, or just have some fun.

If this includes you, then you might be a little bit confused about exactly how to get started? Don’t worry, the world of cycling is not overly complicated, and once you start you’ll be riding about like a pro in no time at all.

Here are 4 tips for people new to cycling:

Choose the right bike

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong bike for your situation like so many new riders do. Basically, you have 2 main types of cycles on the market…mountain bikes and town bikes, so make sure you know which is more suitable for your needs.

Check out this fresh mountain bike review to learn more about what you should buy.

Give it a test ride

Sure, buying a cycle on the internet might seem convenient, but in reality you could very easily end up with a bike that doesn’t fit you at all, and is either too big or small.

This is why purchasing your next bike from an independent dealer in your local area is the best way forward. Not only will you be able to give it a test ride to see if it’s right for you, but the dealer can also give you impartial advice about which make and model is the correct choice.

Enjoy yourself

When you’re new to cycling you might just use your bike for commuting to your job and back. While this certainly saves you a lot of money over driving and maintaining a car, it’s easy to become bored with riding your bike.

That’s why it’s highly recommended that you go exploring places you’ve never been to before and go on cycling adventures as much as possible. Not only is this a lot of fun and will give you many hours of enjoyment, but it’s also a good way for you and the family to spend more time together at the weekend.

Join a cycling group

If you want to take your cycling to the next level then why not join one of the groups in your city or town? Here you can take part in races and specially designed bike routes that take you all over the country, and you’ll also make a lot of friends with similar interests.

Ask at your local bike shop about any cycling groups in your area, or even do a search online to find details of upcoming activities.

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The LAZY Way to Getting Fit

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Relaxing WomanLet’s face the facts here for a moment. While fitness experts recommend we spend 2 hours in the gym every day and eat lettuce and salmon for every meal…how many people actually take this advice? Not many.

The reason? Because it’s too darn hard. Depriving your body and making yourself miserable might lead to more fitness, but you will also likely end up depressed and frustrated.

This is why you should chuck out all of the conventional advice and all of the hard work out of the window, and instead, start doing things the LAZY way.

Quit smoking the lazy way

If smoking is making you less fit, then you really should quit. However, quitting smoking requires a lot of effort and willpower.

Not any more! Simply buy an electronic cigarette and then fill it up with an e liquid flavor of your favorite tobacco brand.

This is the lazy way to quit smoking, and in no time at all you will increase your fitness levels without depriving yourself. Buy e liquid uk online for the best prices.

Get fit the lazy way

If the thought of going to a gym makes you feel sick, and your exercise bike is used as a place to hang your clothes, then you may be wondering how to get fit with the least amount of effort?

By far, the best way to achieve this is by watching TV. Firstly, this is lazy. Secondly, this is enjoyable. Thirdly, you don’t have to leave your living room or miss any of your regular programs.

So how do you get fit while watching TV? Simple. All you need to do is setup the exercise bike in front of the TV, and then take a casual ride in between eating a bowl of ice cream and a bag of extra salty potato chips. This is how you get fit the lazy way.

Be lazy in bed

Did you know that you can get fit in bed…and be totally lazy at the same time? For example, when you wake up at lunchtime, try doing a few leg raises while lying down. Don’t overdo it, around 10 leg raises should be enough to get the blood flowing.

There are many other activities you can indulge in while in bed, both by yourself and with someone else.

Let your imagination run wild and you will soon be getting fit the lazy way. Heck, you might even decide to stay in bed all weekend. Ultimately, why get out of the bed if you are increasing your fitness?

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These 4 Muscle Building Blunders are DANGEROUS!

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stop signNot getting the results you had hoped for from your time in the gym? If this is the case, then there is a good chance that you are making massive blunders that could be dangerous to your chances of building real lean muscle mass.

Let’s get started…

Blunder number 1 – Not getting the right information

Quite simply, if you want to build muscle, then you need to get your head straight before hitting the gym. Smart people invest in courses such as the Insanity Workout program so they can give themselves the best possible chance of success.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Check out this Insanity Workout Review to see what real people just like you are saying.

Blunder number 2 – A poor diet

You could workout like crazy, but if your diet isn’t up to scratch then expect to see very poor results for your efforts.

It’s crucial that you start eating a more healthier diet to see muscle growth. Buy organic as much as you can, and try to limit the amount of processed food that you eat. Not only is this the best way to build muscle fast, but is it also great for your health.

Blunder number 3 – Unrealistic expectations

When you first start out on your muscle building quest, it’s easy to get carried away by looking at pictures of really big guys, and then thinking that you can get a body just like that in a couple of months.

At the end of the day, these kind of unrealistic expectations will only end up with you being disappointed, and you might even end up quitting after a short while.

Realize that it will take you a bit of time to get into the swing of things, and achieving the perfect body could take you a few years.

Blunder number 4 – Trying to impress your friends

If you workout at the gym with your friends, then it can become easy to fall into the trap of trying to impress them by lifting too much weight. Unfortunately, this is a quite a common blunder, which typically leads to a couple of things happening…you get injured and you also develop poor form.

Listen, building muscle is all about your own personal journey. It’s not a competition, and you don’t have to impress anybody. Stick to your own plan and forget about what other people are doing or thinking.

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How to Get in Shape Quickly and Easily

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bottom of joggerDon’t have the time to spend endless hours in the gym? Want to get in shape with the least amount of effort possible? Perhaps you have an important event in the near future, such as a wedding or vacation?

If any of the above describes your situation, then you are no doubt searching for the easy button when it comes to getting in shape. It will require a bit of work on your part, but if you really want to see positive results, then you can get the body you desire in no time at all.

How to get in shape quickly and easily

Tip 1 – Use the Focus T25 program

In recent years, the Focus T25 Workout Program has been getting a lot of attention in the media. Millions of people are using it in the USA and Europe, and fitness experts have been applauding the simplicity of the program.

Quite simply, the program focuses on high intensity workouts, that target the key areas of your body for maximum results. If you lead a busy lifestyle, then this is the perfect workout plan to achieve the body of your dreams in the shortest amount of time.

Still a bit unsure if the program is for you? In this case, you should check out a Focus T25 Workout Review to see what other people are saying about it.

Tip 2 – Eat smaller meals throughout the day

When you eat large meals, it slows down your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight and get into shape.

With this in mind, it’s a much better idea to eat smaller meals throughout the day, so you are supplying your body with just enough energy. Also, make sure you eat healthy foods such as lean meats, eggs, vegetables, and fruit.

Tip 3 – Use an appetite suppressant

If you find that one of your main obstacles to getting in shape is the fact that you are always hungry, then you might want to use an appetite suppressant such as Garcinia Cambogia.

This helps to reduce your food cravings, so you are not tempted to snack on junk food in between meal times. The best place to but supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia is on trusted websites such as Amazon.

The reason? So you can be 100% positive that only natural ingredients are used in the supplements, so you don’t end up getting ripped off.

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