How to Pick a Good Garcinia Cambogia Supplement

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When it comes to diet supplements, you can’t do much better than garcinia cambogia. It’s an all-natural plant extract that provides great appetite control for anyone trying to manage their weight through a carefully planned diet, and it’s been proven both safe and effective for almost everyone who uses it. However, there is a downside to garcinia cambogia’s runaway success as a diet supplement – everyone wants a piece of the action, and that means there are many nutritional supplement companies that have sprung up nearly overnight in order to offer watered-down garcinia cambogia products in order to make a quick killing off of people who don’t know any better. Luckily, there are ways to pick a good garcinia cambogia supplement even in a sea of pretenders and get-rich-quick providers; here’s how to pick a winner.

Don’t Believe the Hype

You’ve got to make sure that you’re getting good, accurate information about the product you’re thinking of buying, and that means looking anywhere and everywhere for information except the manufacturer itself. Any info you’re going to get from them is going to be little more than marketing copy, and you simply can’t rely on a company to be honest with you while they’re looking to sell you something that might not be of the best quality. Your best bet for unfiltered information is to visit an impartial comparison website on the internet; these repositories of unbiased information can tell you exactly what’s in that manufacturer’s diet pills and their garcinia cambogia extraction methods in an honest and straightforward way – unlike the manufacturer itself.

From the Horse’s Mouth

The best comparison sites have more than just a raw breakdown of each product’s ingredients and details regarding the manufacturing methods used in each – they also tell you exactly what customers who have used the products have to say about their experiences. Reading garcinia cambogia testimonials online is a great way to determine if the manufacturer you’re considering is producing a high-quality product that will benefit you and help you reach those weight loss goals of yours. Proof positive that your supplement of choice indeed works can take a load off of your mind when it’s time to make a decision to order a bottle or two from a particular manufacturer, and when you’ve got dozens of real people telling you their story on an impartial, third-party review website you can rest assured that you’re not about to throw away money on a product that doesn’t work as advertised.

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Weight Loss Secrets Explained

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salmon and saladIf you’ve ever tried to drop that excess weight you’ve accumulated over long years of eating poorly and not getting enough exercise, you’ll know just how difficult the process can be. However, there are a few secrets that you can learn that will make things go much easier; here’s just a few that are bound to help.

It Begins in the Kitchen

It might be tempting to simply put on a pair of sweat pants and head down to the gym, but the truth is it takes more than just exercise to lose weight. Changing your diet to provide you the right balance of nutrients without bogging you down with excess calories is key, and dietary experts often say that any good exercise regimen begins and ends in the kitchen.

Sticking to foods that are high in protein and low in complex carbohydrates is an excellent way to provide your body with the fuel it needs to supercharge your exercise sessions. On top of that, staying hydrated is also very important. You should drink plenty of water every day, especially since diets high in protein require extra water to digest and metabolize properly.

Seek Expert Advice

You may think you have all the answers, but embarking on a weight loss plan without seeking out expert advice can be disastrous. It’s important to make sure you’re working out in ways and eating meals that aren’t going to do you more harm than good, so make sure to consult a dietitian or personal trainer before starting something new.

If you can’t or don’t want to have a face-to-face meeting with someone, there are other resources you can avail yourself of to gain the knowledge you need. Any number of books are published every year on weight loss strategies, and there are countless websites on weight loss out there, such as with some excellent and useful information designed to help you in your quest to lose weight.

Partner Up

Finally, one of the best way is to find a partner with similar goals and promise to keep each other accountable to their goals. Having someone with you during workouts or sharing meal ideas with makes it much easier to stay motivated in the face of setbacks and can help celebrate with you when you hit your next milestone.

Close friends and family members are some of the best options for accountability partners, as you already have an established relationship with them. If no one in your inner circles is interested or able to partner up with you, you can always strike up a conversation while you’re at the gym – you may not know the other person, but you know that they’re dedicated to keeping themselves fit!

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11 Quick Weight Loss Tips

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weight scalesIf your goal is to lose weight, then you need the right information. Here are 11 quick tips to get you started…

Use a food journal

Most people fail in their quest to lose weight because they don’t keep themselves accountable. That’s why using a food journal is such a good idea.

Brush your teeth

Have you ever tried brushing your teeth after a meal? This helps to reduce your food cravings and remove the temptation to go back for a second helping.

Garcinia cambogia

One of the most talked about weight loss supplements this year is garcinia cambogia. Thousands of people have left garcinia cambogia reviews on the internet, and millions of bottles of the supplement are sold every day.

Drink water

Were you aware that becoming dehydrated can leave you feeling hungry? With this in mind, drink plenty of water to avoid snacking in between meals.

Eat protein

One of the best things about protein is that it keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Eat good sources of protein such as chicken, fish and eggs.

Plan your meals

It’s a lot harder to lose weight if you don’t plan ahead. For this reason, set aside some time at the weekend to plan you meals for the following week. Then buy everything you need in one trip to the supermarket.

Set small goals

Trying to lose too much weight is often counter-productive. Instead, set yourself small goals and dedicate yourself to sticking it out week after week. Consistency is the key.

Reward yourself

Weight loss is not all about depriving yourself of the foods you love. Many people get the best results by rewarding themselves every now and again as a way of saying well done.

Go to the gym

These days, the majority of gyms have many different machines and activities. You don’t need to pump iron in order to get fit and burn some calories.

Lose weight with a friend

Are you sick and tired of feeling so lonely while losing weight? If this is the case, then why not find a friend to join you on the journey. This means you will have an accountability partner, so you are less likely to quit.

Stay motivated

Reaching your weight loss goals is made a lot easier if you stay motivated on a regular basis. For example, read some inspiring books, watch YouTube videos, and look at pictures of people who have the kind of body you want to achieve.

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Garcinia Cambogia Anecdotal Evidence

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weight loss from garcinia cambogiaVia social media someone asked me to look into garcinia cambogia.  As I’m not one for diet products it was new to me.

After some digging around it appears to be a very popular diet supplement that is in essence a herbal remedy with no added chemicals in most cases.

It comes from a tree in Asia and the extract of the fruit HCA has weight loss and appetite suppressant qualities as well as mood enhancing abilities according to some claims.

It seems to have burst on to the scene thanks to the American celebrity doctor Dr Oz who called it a miracle weight loss supplement. There are a few other clinical trials were people using garcinia cambogia lost weight above and beyond the placebo group. One study said people using garcinia cambogia for weight loss can expect to lose 2 extra pounds per week.

I also checked out various garcinia cambogia reviews and on the whole I would say they were positive although some products seemed to get better reviews than others.  There also seem to be some individuals and companies who are using the fame of garcinia cambogia to make a quick buck.  However there are scams in all lines of work.  If it was me I go to a big store or somewhere like Amazon for your garcinia cambogia that way you know its been checked out and your consumer rights will be protected.

I had a friend who is US based who wanted to lose weight 12 months after her first child, she was to be my test case:)

We chose a product based on reviews and specification. The one we chose gave 180 tablets against 90 for some others and gave more HCA concentration, it was also all natural.  The chosen garcinia cambogia had good reviews although their were not a ton of them as it was quite new.

She tells me she took it like clockwork and dd feel some benefit she said she was less hungry. Week one she lost a pound so hardly massive loss although she said she did feel less hungry.  Week 2 she said she felt the benefit more and dropped 2 pounds and over the next 2 weeks she lost another 4 pounds.  Overall she was delighted as she didn’t have much to lose she thought it was well worth the $25.

So I guess it comes down to what you buy, this garcinia cambogia brand was Natural Nutrition Labs  on Amazon by the way.  I would still only try these remedies if you have tried to lose weight naturally and failed, I’m not a fan of outside intervention as you can’t live on these pills forever.



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