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weight loss from garcinia cambogiaVia social media someone asked me to look into garcinia cambogia.  As I’m not one for diet products it was new to me.

After some digging around it appears to be a very popular diet supplement that is in essence a herbal remedy with no added chemicals in most cases.

It comes from a tree in Asia and the extract of the fruit HCA has weight loss and appetite suppressant qualities as well as mood enhancing abilities according to some claims.

It seems to have burst on to the scene thanks to the American celebrity doctor Dr Oz who called it a miracle weight loss supplement. There are a few other clinical trials were people using garcinia cambogia lost weight above and beyond the placebo group. One study said people using garcinia cambogia for weight loss can expect to lose 2 extra pounds per week.

I also checked out various garcinia cambogia reviews and on the whole I would say they were positive although some products seemed to get better reviews than others.  There also seem to be some individuals and companies who are using the fame of garcinia cambogia to make a quick buck.  However there are scams in all lines of work.  If it was me I go to a big store or somewhere like Amazon for your garcinia cambogia that way you know its been checked out and your consumer rights will be protected.

I had a friend who is US based who wanted to lose weight 12 months after her first child, she was to be my test case:)

We chose a product based on reviews and specification. The one we chose gave 180 tablets against 90 for some others and gave more HCA concentration, it was also all natural.  The chosen garcinia cambogia had good reviews although their were not a ton of them as it was quite new.

She tells me she took it like clockwork and dd feel some benefit she said she was less hungry. Week one she lost a pound so hardly massive loss although she said she did feel less hungry.  Week 2 she said she felt the benefit more and dropped 2 pounds and over the next 2 weeks she lost another 4 pounds.  Overall she was delighted as she didn’t have much to lose she thought it was well worth the $25.

So I guess it comes down to what you buy, this garcinia cambogia brand was Natural Nutrition Labs  on Amazon by the way.  I would still only try these remedies if you have tried to lose weight naturally and failed, I’m not a fan of outside intervention as you can’t live on these pills forever.