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raspberriesWe are now educated about healthy living than ever before. There are thousands of websites on the subject and more than enough information that you will ever need. Whether you choose to listen and implement that information is up to you, but at a bare minimum you should pay attention to the six tips below.

CoQ10 supplements

Most of the supplements you hear about are complete scams and purely designed to rip you off. However, one supplement that has stood the test of time and actually helps people is something called CoQ10. In a nutshell, CoQ10 supplements, when taken on a regular basis, are great for maintaining cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure, and keeping cholesterol in check.

Drink water

One tip for healthy living that most people ignore is to drink more water. That doesn’t mean coffee or soda, it means pure water from a bottle or water filter. Getting at least 8 glasses of water a day ensures you have great digestion and are able to rid your body of harmful toxins.

Use coconut oil

Have you heard about the health benefits of coconut oil? It’s a great source of healthy fat, and can be used in a umber of different ways. For example, you could spread it on toast like butter, use it for cooking, or simply take a tablespoon every night before bed. Just make sure that you buy extra virgin coconut oil and there are no artificial ingredients.

Avoid starchy foods

It’s a common myth that you need starchy foods such as white bread, pasta, and cereal for carbohydrates. In fact, this is totally untrue, and many people find their health improves once they cut these kind of foods out. So what should you be eating for carbohydrates? Well, fruit and vegetables are good sources, as well as sweet potato and brown bread.

Eat breakfast

Want to live a healthy lifestyle? Then make sure you eat breakfast. The reason? Because missing breakfast means you are more likely to snack on unhealthy foods such as chocolate later on in the morning, and also be tempted by fast food at lunch.

Eat 2-3 cans of tinned fish a week

One of the main staples of healthy living should be tinned fish as they are a great source of omega-3. Try to try a wide range of fish, such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines, and pilchards. If you don’t like eating fish then the next best thing is to take fish oil to get your omega-3.