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When it comes to buying health supplements, the consumer needs to be very careful.  Every time Dr Oz mentions an ingredient, the next day there are hundreds of companies all claiming to have the purest form of what Dr Oz was recommending.

In truth, most of the health supplements on the market are of low quality and do not provide the health benefits that are promised on the bottle.  It is a Buyer Beware market.

How to Find The Best Rhodiola Rosea

We have been big believers in Rhodiola Rosea for a few years now and we have been outraged at some of the poor quality Rhodiola supplements flooding the market.  To help you make sense of everything and find the best rhodiola supplements, we have prepared some helpful tips…

Always Read The Label…Carefully!

The most important thing you can do as a consumer is read the supplement label.  Check the other ingredients, check the serving size and check the source.  With Rhodiola Rosea you do NOT want to see any other ingredients listed on the label.  All you want is pure Rhodiola Rosea.

You also want to see a serving size of 400mg.  While it can be slightly higher or lower, in most studies, it is 400mg of Rhodiola Rosea that has the best effect.  It is also important that the Rhodiola be sourced directly from Siberia and at a high altitude.  It is this type of Rhodiola Rosea that testes out to have the most potent nutrients.

Look for A Money Back Guarantee

Rhodiola Rosea is such a powerful supplement, you should feel the health benefits within two weeks.  You want to find a company who stands behind their product and will issue a full refund if you are not satisified.  For this reason, look for a Rhodiola Rosea supplement that has a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Check the Reviews

If you do search for “rhodiola reviews” you will find a number of independent sites that review the various Rhodiola Rosea supplements on the market.  The other approach you can take is to shop at Amazon.Com .  Amazon is great because there are so many reviews on the site.  Simply look for a highly rated and reviewed Rhodiola Rosea on Amazon and you will be in good shape.




Give The Rhodiola Company a Call!

This is one that most people forget about.  Pickup the phone and try to call the company that is selling Rhodiola Rosea.  Do they answer the phone?  Do they have informed staff who can answer you questions?  How long have they been in business?

Simply picking up the phone and talking to all the companies that make Rhodiola Rosea supplements is a great way to find the best Rhodiola.