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You may have noticed that recently there has been a great deal of buzz about the Baobab Fruit in the news.  The Baobab Fruit grows on Baobab trees in Africa, Madagascar and Australia.  The fruit measures about 5-7 inches in diameter and has a hard outer shell, much like a coconut.

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

Once you crack the Baobab Fruit open, you find Baobab pulp and Baobab seeds.  The interesting thing about the Baobab fruit pulp is that is naturally dehydrates inside the shell.  This means, it takes no heat or special processing to make a baobab powder supplement.  You simply remove the seeds and then crush the Baobab pulp cubes into a powder.

The fact that the Baobab Fruit can be turned into a Baobab Fruit Powder without any processing is significant because it means that Baobab Fruit can now be enjoyed by people leaving in parts of the world where the Baobab fruit does not grow.  By simply adding Baobab fruit powder to a smoothie or yogurt, people can feel the benefits of the Baobab fruit.

What Are The Benefits of the Baobab Fruit?

The Baobab Fruit is packed with nutrients.  In fact the Baobab Fruit, in powder form has an ORAC level of over 1,400 ORAC per gram.  ORAC is used to measure the antioxidant capacity of a food.  To give you some comparison, Baobab Fruit has over 6 times the ORAC of blueberries.  Simply put, the Baobab fruit is one of the most antioxidant rich fruits in the world.



The incredible thing about the Baobab Fruit is that it has much more than just antioxidants.  Baobab is loaded with Vitamin C, fiber, magnesium, potassium and iron.  In fact, 50% of the Baobab fruit is heart healthy fiber.

All of the nutrients in the Baobab fruit make it an extremely healthy addition to your diet.  People who include Baobab fruit in their diet tend to have increased energy, better stamina, a stronger immune system and healthy, vibrant skin.

What Is The Best Way to Take Baobab Fruit?

If you use a quality Baobab Fruit powder all you need to do is mix 6-12 grams into a smoothie each day.  By just taking 6-12 grams of Baobab each day, you can feel the amazing health benefits of the fruit.  While there are numerous brands on the market, you want to make sure you go with a 100% Organic certified Baobab Fruit powder.

Give the Baobab Fruit a try, you will not be disappointed!