Why the Popularity of Garcinia Cambogia Isn’t Necessarily a Good Thing

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disapproveThere’s a good chance that if you haven’t heard about garcinia cambogia, the hottest new weight loss supplement on the market, that you’ve been living under a rock. This amazing fruit extract from a tree that grows in Asia and Indonesia has some amazing properties, like reducing the appetite and increasing the metabolic rate of anyone who takes it regularly. This has of course led to garcinia cambogia becoming wildly popular; however there’s a dark side to this sudden popularity. In fact, here’s why it might actually be a bad thing for anyone looking for a good, high-quality weight loss supplement product.

Jumping On the Bandwagon

All it took was a few mentions on daytime talk shows and it’s off to the races: garcinia cambogia has been in the public eye in a very serious way lately. At first there were maybe only a handful of manufacturers making garcinia cambogia products for the weight loss and fitness supplement industry, but with its sudden popularity garcinia cambogia is now being produced en mass by droves of manufacturers that are more interested in capitalizing on the herbal supplement’s sudden fame than anything else.

The Drawbacks of Popularity

With such a wide array of manufacturers throwing their hats into the ring, the sad fact is that there are many companies that are much more interested in turning a quick profit instead of providing a good, solid product to consumers. There’s more than a few manufacturers that are using low-potency extracts or making extensive use of fillers and binders to reduce their operating costs and increase their profit margin, and many consumers have been buying these watered-down products simply because there’s no definitive way of knowing what you’re getting.

Why This Is Permitted – and How to Get Around It

The reason this is happening is deceptively simple: there’s hardly any regulation to speak of in the herbal supplement industry. It’s not like the pharmaceutical sector where each drug has to pass a rigorous battery of tests before it’s declared safe for human use – more or less anyone can slap a label on a bottle of sub-standard capsules and brag that they’re offering a “pure” product for sale. Luckily there’s one fool-proof away around this; if you go to a private review website for more information – a site like http://topgarciniacambogiareviews.net/ – you can get the straight dope from a plethora of consumer reviews written by folks that are dedicated to shedding the light of truth on these otherwise empty and untrustworthy claims.